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Good to know

1. If you plan on spending less than three days in Russia, you are not required to register your visa, but it would be wise to have the copies of the airplane tickets. Print extra copies of your passport and leave one at your hotel, carry one on your person, and tuck another in your luggage, purse, or backpack. Having back-ups never hurts and will be a blessing in disguise if and when you need that extra copy. If you stay for more than 3 days, the hotel you are staying in will take care of your registration. They will give you a registartion card which  you will have to bring with you together with your passport´s copy.

2. The rouble is an official monitary unit, so you will have to exchange any US money or Euros. Credit cards are accepted, but like any country, some shops and restaurants accept cash only. You should use only authorised Exchange services and the banks (bring your passport with you). It is better to avoid  street ATMs.

3. Though more and more Russians, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg speak English, it could be a problem to communicate with locals. Nearly every sign in Russia is written in Cyrillic letters. It would be a good idea to bring a dictionary with you or learn some basic phrases.

4 . Pay attention to the fact that the electricity in Russia is 220 volt and the plug is two pin thin European standard. Take a power converter/adapter for any electronics you plan to plug in and use while in the country.

5.  In case of any trouble during your stay in Russia, contact 112.  You would probably need
a Russian speaker to help you with that. 

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