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Industry Sponsored Symposia

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Meeting Hall Munich – KOWA

12:55–13:55    Addressing unmet medical needs for the treatment of residual vascular risk
Y. Matsuzawa (Japan)
12:55–13:25    Novel generation of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor alpha (PPARα) agonists: selective PPARα modulator (SPPARMα)
J.-C. Fruchart (France)
13:25–13:55    SPPARMα to address elevated TG /low HDL-C as residual risks(draft)
S. Yamashita (Japan)

Friday, June 3, 2016

Meeting Hall Azimut – AMGEN

13:15–14:15    New era in the atherosclerosis treatment:  impossible is possible
K. Parhofer (Germany), M. Ezhov (Russia)
13:15–13:35    Update on LDL: From “treat to target” to “even lower is even better”
K. Parhofer (Germany)
13:35–13:50    Innovations in lipid disorder management
S. R. Gilarevsky (Russia)
13:50–14:10    Best practice sharing in refractory dyslipidemia treatment
K. Parhofer (Germany), M. Ezhov (Russia)
14:10–14:15    Q&A


Industry Sponsored Symposia
in Russian

Industry sponsored symposia in the Meeting Hall Berlin are in Russian.
Simultaneous interpretation to English is not provided.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Meeting Hall Berlin

Gedeon Richter

09:45–11:00    Modern approaches in treatment of dyslipidemia
09:45–10:45    Modern approaches in treatment of dyslipidemia: review of new Guidelines and disputable questions in the treatment of dyslipidemia
N. M. Akhmedzhanov (Russia)
10:45–11:00    Discussion


14:15–15:30    Correction of cardio - vascular age: today‘s realities
A. V. Susekov (Russia)
14:15–14:50    How old is your heart?
A. V. Susekov (Russia)
14:50–15:25    How to influence the cardio – vascular age?
O. M. Drapkina (Russia)
15:25–15:30    Discussion

Friday, June 3, 2016

Meeting Hall Berlin


08:30–09:45    Most actual approaches to prolong the life of patients with atherosclerosis 2016
S. A. Shalnova (Russia), M. V. Ezhov (Russia)
08:30–08:35    Opening speech
S. A. Shalnova (Russia), M. V. Ezhov (Russia)
08:35–08:55    Epidemiological aspects of atherosclerosis in the 21st century
S. A. Shalnova (Russia)
08:55–09:15    Diagnosis of atherosclerosis. Our opportunities today
T. V. Balahonova (Russia)
09:15–09:35    Universal therapies to reduce heart risk - vascular mortality
M. V. Ezhov (Russia)
09:35–09:45    Discussion


09:45–11:00    Life-saving therapy of high CV risk patient
09:45–10:15    Atherosclerosis & atherothrombosis – two sides of the same coin
A. G. Obrezan (Russia)
10:15–10:45    Antiproliferative efficacy of RAAS blockers. Which one to chose?
E. M. Nifontov (Russia)


11:30–12:45    Atherosclerosis treatment: evolution or revolution?
M. V. Ezhov (Russia)
11:30–11:55    LDL control: why, whom, how low?
A. V. Panov (Russia)
11:55–12:20    New conception of LDL and cardiovascular risk lowering
M. V. Ezhov (Russia)
12.20–12.45    At the turn of new era
N. M. Akhmedzhanov (Russia)

Berlin Chemie

14:00–15:15    Combined lipid-lowering therapy - Present and Future
M. G. Bubnova (Russia), I. V. Sergienko (Russia)
14:00–14:25    Combined lipid-modified therapy - its advantage in the treatment of high-risk patients
M. G. Bubnova (Russia)
14:25–14:50    Safety of lipid-lowering strategy and patient adherence to treatment – is there a connection?
N. M. Akhmedzhanov (Russia)
14:50–15:15    New horizons and perspectives
I. V. Sergienko (Russia)


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